At The End Of The Day Be Thankful

Yay! I survived one of the first major holidays of the season. With out murdering anyone or ending up in jail all due to no drama, a great husband, great friend and Wine! We actually had three Thanksgiving dinners. My own with my husband to boys and brother in law. My moms which was small and nice, and our friends which was with her family. That one made our night her family was awesome and very welcoming. At my friends’ Mrs. L we had to go around the table and say what things we were thankful which inspired me to share what and who I a thankful for.

First my Husband. He is not only my lover and great father to C and L, but also my best friend. He has put up with a lot of hormones this year. He listens to my rants of the birthing process and whatever mommy drama is going on. Even though I know I drove him nuts he is still here.

My Boys- they are  my world. When ever anyone has questioned my parenting style my boys prove them wrong. Mr C my 19 month old is becoming more and more independent. He is becoming more social and Thanksgiving night he finally had no problem letting me leave him with another adult. This is huge to us. To the ones who said ” oh you don’t use babysitters he will never want you to leave him when he gets older” shove it along with the ones who said he will never sleep by himself. As he has loved the new bed he has and is excited to go to bed in his own bed. Even though this makes me want to cry. Mr. C who is two months now he is now full of smiles laughs and farts. I am loving and thankful for every moment with him.

Minnesota Cloth Diapering Mommies- A group I admin along with three other mamas. I love every women in this group with all of my heart.  These women are strong, loving, smart and beautiful. Whenever I have had a question about anything they have been there. Days I have questioned my motherhood they have been there. Days I have wanted to murder my husband not only have they been there but offered their yards lol. I am so thankful for having them in my life.

My Mom, and siblings- Even though my mom and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, she is the one that made me who I am today for that I am thankful for her. I love you mom. My siblings- we never talk anymore and we argue and I think you all are nuts,  I love you all and I cherish our childhood memories.

Wine- you help me deal with all the crazies in life. You made the youtube videos I watched of crazy black Friday shoppers even more funny.

Those are my main things along with good health, freedoms, etc. I realized though every day should be a mini thanksgiving. Thank we should all take time to think at the end of the day the things you are thankful for. Not just wait till a holiday to remember.


This leads me to ask, What are you thankful for?

Bad mom ha!

Talking with some friends through Facebook a friend who is also a fellow mom admitted she thinks she is a bad mom. Why? Her four year old wasn’t taking to potty training and still needed a paci at night. My first thought to this SO!? You do what you got to do at times. In my opinion there is no such thing as a bad mom and it would be great if everyone thought this, sadly no.

It seems once a mom becomes a mom everyone sets their expectations high for her. Who is everyone well let’s make a list:

– her mother in law ( don’t you just love them?!) grr
– her sister in law
– In Laws in general
– the pediatrician who makes you feel like crap ( though there are awesome ones out there)
– the mom who is always trying to stay a step ahead of you ( yes the one in the mommy and me classes who brags her child speaks five languages, plays chess, is potty trained completely and has an IQ of 150 all at the age of 2. If you don’t know that mom most likely it’s you!)
– the stranger in the store
– basically everyone including you!

In all reality no matter how hard you try you will never meet those crazy expectations people expect from you. With that said I am not saying just give up on being a mom. No I am just saying be you. No one will come yelling at you if your child seems to never be clean. A few dirty dishes in the sink never killed anyone. Yes the laundry can wait as you spend some goofing around time with your kids. If your child breaks their arm as long as you weren’t the one that broke it, and you got them proper treatment they will be fine.

As a friend said:

“…. At some point we all find things that work that keep everyone sane and healthy……”

As long as your child is happy you are never a “bad mom”

“My Bad Mom Moments”

– my 19 month old son still uses a bottle

– I once got drunk one night then ended up taking my 19 month old son to the E.R. a few hours later with a hangover. We suspected he swallowed pennies, turns out this time he didn’t.

-Mr C. Pees on the floor not only in our home but other friends homes as well.

-C has fallen off of many things

-We have days in which only hot dogs have been eaten.

So….. What are some of your bad mom moments? I promise I won’t judge!


Hey they are alive aren’t they?

As I write this post my toddler is on the floor with one sock on, and an unbuttoned onsie playing with coins he dumped out all over the floor from our water jug (also known as our vacation fund). My newbie is in my arms sleeping as I type enjoying the clicking he hears and I a pretty sure he is working on a poop. As you can see I am not the perfect mom. That onsie on Cadden right now he is lucky he has is on usually he wears just a dipe. I didn’t realize how bad my sons non clothes self was until my daycare child’s mom came in one day and was excited I tell you that Cadden had clothes on. My youngest has been “baptized” with toilet water. I have spent days watching mommy wars on Facebook and at the end of all of them I end up questioning myself…which leads to a nice glass of wine and me wondering what the hell am I doing as a parent? ………… But hey they are still alive aren’t they? That should earn me some points right there.