Hey they are alive aren’t they?

As I write this post my toddler is on the floor with one sock on, and an unbuttoned onsie playing with coins he dumped out all over the floor from our water jug (also known as our vacation fund). My newbie is in my arms sleeping as I type enjoying the clicking he hears and I a pretty sure he is working on a poop. As you can see I am not the perfect mom. That onsie on Cadden right now he is lucky he has is on usually he wears just a dipe. I didn’t realize how bad my sons non clothes self was until my daycare child’s mom came in one day and was excited I tell you that Cadden had clothes on. My youngest has been “baptized” with toilet water. I have spent days watching mommy wars on Facebook and at the end of all of them I end up questioning myself…which leads to a nice glass of wine and me wondering what the hell am I doing as a parent? ………… But hey they are still alive aren’t they? That should earn me some points right there.

2 thoughts on “Hey they are alive aren’t they?

  1. Most of the time mine is naked too. 🙂 it’s easier when you just clean the kid instead of changing clothes constantly.

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