The 10 dollar Booby Trap

When I look at my breastfeeding relationship with my youngest son Lyam, I can’t help but smile. 7 month strong and going. Not only have I been able to supply milk for him but I have fed five other babies with my milk. Yes I milk share and I am very proud of this. I think of it as paying back the moms who helped me out when my Oldest needed donated breast milk.


Yet looking back on my breastfeeding experience with my oldest Cadden…. I still to this day want to cry over it. We battled thrush for ever ( 6 months, I still blame it on the antibiotics I had received for a full day due to being strep B positive), horrible acid reflux, cutting out almost every food. Then having an ectopic pregnancy when Cadden was about 6 months was just the beginning of the end. The hospital we were at refused to give me a pump so I could keep my supply up. Then when I got home a confused Cadden just being distracted with oh he must not want me anymore. I spent every second pumping… getting 2 ounces of milk during pumping was a reason to celebrate.  I almost murdered my husband when he spilled and ounce of my milk. Yes that’s how desperate I was. Do to my dwindling supply we ended up supplementing… it first started with a bottle here and there, then turned into a bottle three times a day until Cadden hit 8 Months. I have nothing against formula or moms who choose to use it. Yet I really felt it wasn’t for Cadden.. This was proven to be true when He hit a year and would throw up every bottle… that’s when we turned to donated breast milk.. It worked. My husband who thought I was nuts… now he will tell anyone donated breast milk is awesome.

I today know that pumping never tells you your true supply never. That your true supply shows through your baby. Enough wet diapers? enough dirty? baby thriving? Then your baby is fine and so is your supply. I didn’t think there was a product for this until my friend Susan posted a picture


Now does anyone see a problem with this product? It looks very innocent and looks like it may be great but look at the three simple steps. With step one being pump and measure milk.  By following those three simple steps in all reality could change or end your breastfeeding relationship forever.

Yes I said it forever. If I had taken this test with Cadden our breastfeeding relationship would have ended probably the first month or so… I was a horrible pumper and Cadden was always on the small side… he was 10 pounds almost hitting 5 months old.  I would have probably seen this test at Target ( love that store!!) taken it and be told “you suck at breastfeeding.” OK not in those words but you know what I mean. I would have stopped right there said whats the point and switched over to formula.

Now do I think The UPSpringBaby made this product on purpose with the goal of making moms feel like crap? No I honestly don’t. There would have been moms who used it and told hey you rock your supply is great. I mean on their own website they had a pretty great list:

Helps moms continue breastfeeding by telling them:

  • How much breast milk you make
  • If your breast milk supply is low, normal or high
  • How to increase breast milk supply
  • Whether your baby’s weight gain is low, normal or high
  • What your specific breastfeeding issues are
  • How to overcome breastfeeding issues so you can keep breastfeeding

Yet this $10 test isn’t even worth the money because obviously during their research that their great scientist were doing they clearly missed breastfeeding 101 : PUMPING NEVER TELLS YOU YOUR SUPPLY… NO MATER WHAT TEST YOU BUY!!!!

By even suggesting it does is hurting a mom having doubts!

See there was a huge group of awesome moms who knew this and they went on upspringbaby’s page to complain to tell them “Hey your scientist were wrong!!! ” How did the page respond… They took down their Facebook page….. in my world that’s a huge don’t ever do.  Yes you may think is sucks that moms are complaining but I honestly wish they would have come out and addressed the issue.

I am hoping when UpSringBaby comes back online they have a very well thought out response. Maybe even take the product off the market. Yet until then I will stalk Facebook to see when they get back online. As to moms who are having problems… Here are some free resources for you!

Kelly Mom

The Pump Station

Happy Feeding!!!

kelly mom


2 thoughts on “The 10 dollar Booby Trap

  1. Honestly, the best way of looking at supply is rate of weight gain, wet/poopy diapers, and measuring weight before and after a latching session. I did all things before I knew my milk could no longer sustain my son. Great job educating mums!

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