Stork OTC

Babies ……..

3 day old “Ollie”

This one word can bring many things to mind. Car seats, spit up, no sleep, breastfeeding, crying, no sleep, no sleep. Can you maybe pick up on the clue baby number 5 has been added to the gang? He is here and I would have a name to announce but one has not been agreed on.

Now looking back at five children let me be real for a moment:

I think planning actually may have been nice

But they are here and apparently there are no do overs.

Remember that, no do overs.

6 pregnancies

5 kiddos

0 sanity.

image1 (1)
Send Sanity Please

And let me stop now before I scare potential parents off.

Speaking of potential parents…..

My potential parents pull up a seat, lets talk.

So you are thinking about starting your own family. Maybe it was seeing my well behaved five year old that sparked this… ( I kid, I kid) what ever has made you decide to make the crazy decision to go down this path congrats.

Yet lets be serious for moment. You may have been on this path for while and nothing has happened. You have tracked cervical mucus changes, you have taken your basil temperature every morning religiously, and still nothing.

Maybe you have unexplained infertility

Maybe male factor infertility is playing a part


Maybe you are a couple trying to conceive without sex ( my shout out to my LGBTQ community !)

And not yet wanting to take the BIG step of IVF which is costly…. And time consuming.

That’s when the STORK OTC comes in.


lets use my 6 year olds words ( he didn’t know what the stork was for when describing )

” there is a plunger and the plunger makes babies”

He is kind of right. Sort of.

The STORK OTC is a conception device that one can use at home.

Yes an option that is lest costly that in clinic treatments and from the looks of it easy to use.

With cervical cap insemination used in this device you don’t have to go to a clinic and slip into a gown with no back ( lets face it no one enjoys those gowns.)

You can use it in the privacy of your home!!!

And a bonus :

There are only three steps! Again ease of use.

Three Buttons:

Button 1- Plunger Tab (seals cap)

Button 2- Plunger release (opens cap)

Button 3 – Cap release  (release cap)

So my six year old was going somewhere with the plunger reference.

Whether starting off your journey or you have been in it for a while anyone can use it!

So where can you get one?

Nothing Like buying this with a 1 year old and 3 week old in your arms. Weird looks from cashier.

Well your local Target or CVS ( We love our Target)

We found ours for review purposes ( remember I JUST had a baby) at our local Target also known as my second home and home of the shopping cart that’s fits all of the kiddos. ( they also sell what we call in my home “mommy juice” that helps with the sanity)


Wondering about price and hoping it doesn’t break your bank … it won’ t at the price of $59.99.  In the family planning aisle. That’s the aisle with the pregnancy test, condoms, lactation stuff. The aisle in which my kids think the condoms look like “circle gum” Oh yeah those babies get older and say really embarrassing things out loud at the store… this leads to the mommy juice.

So on your mark… Get set … and go!



The best wishes from my family to yours on you family planning journey. In the mean time please send mommy juice . PLEASE!

If you would like more information on the STORK OTC check out their website

Now time for some disclosures:

This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.



You should also join me at an awesome party ! Details below … Bring your own mom juice!


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