I Hold these Truths……..

My last year has been beyond nuts…. enough to cause a breakdown.

Which has led ones to ask me “how do you do it”

This leads to the answer….. ” I am fine ”

I am fine.

When I say this it ranges from ” yes I am on the verge of a break down ….. to bish I am not even worried about it”

More often it’s the later.

I am not worried about it.

It’s not because I don’t care, or am such an emotional wreck I can’t dare think about it.

It’s because I hold my truths near and dear, and I don’t give a damn what others think.

You see people who have nothing on you will grab what they think they know and “try” to bring you down to their level.

They won’t stop at you but will go after anyone connected to you including your children.

But hold on to your truths.

Remember you owe no one anything. Not an explanation, not an answer, nada nothing.

And don’t ever, ever let anyone try to tell you otherwise.

” hold your friends close and enemies closer”

That line is bullshit.

Why waste your time an energy holding toxic ass people so damn close to you. When you could invest it in people who care. Tell your enemies bye. Let them go. Don’t date hold them close. ( this wasn’t permission to let go of that emergency bail money you have in the mattress, some times shit happens)

Protect yourself, your kids, your love ones.


If anyone EVER tries to say otherwise….. take them out with the trash.

Your story is yours and own it.

Co-sign all your shit with — I SAID WHAT I SAID.

ANYONE who gets mad at you, for doing you … drop them

And Remember you will have to fight at times. Yet realize not every fight has to happen in the street. Some of the best battles happen behind doors.

Some of the sweetest victories are won, with out having to lift a finger.

Now go be you, own you.

And fuck anyone who says otherwise

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