Our night there I fell asleep to the beating of a drum and prayers that went on all night. Mixed with the buzzing of police drones and helicopters whose agenda was to monitor camp and also try to annoy everyone all night. The helicopter ended up being tuned out, but not the prayers.

You think going up it’s just about the water land and protecting both; yet there is much more than that at stake.

I am still processing, and almost in tears when I try to even start to process.

The donations we brought up to rosebud. A smaller camp, very family friendly. Donations were gone within the first day of being there. By the time they left only a few things of formula were left.

I got in touch with a midwife and pediatrician. Great conversation was made and a list of donations needed was sent back.

Yes we will be going back. Within the next few weeks with hopefully another run of donations.

The elders at main camp… Full of wisdom and knowledge.

Everything was peaceful the only thing that felt hostile was the police command center down the road. And the helicopters.

I am still processing and taking everything in.