Let It Go

I never really got into the whole Frozen crazy for the following reasons:

1. Complaints from other parents whose kids got sucked in and the million times they had watch it.

2. The boys already speak ninja turtle ( they declared this) so don’t need to go adding another language in and confuse them.

3. Any movie that has you publicly declaring that you want to kill the characters cannot be possibly ok for my well being. Click below if you have no idea what I am talking about.

Kill Elsa

So never really paid attention to the anthem of this movie… Well until two awesome kiddos Vi, and Alanya introduced me to it…. In which we watched it twice … And sang with it twice, and danced with it twice ….. Though it really wasn’t that bad…

The “Let it Go” song though does have a pretty good meaning behind it when you can listen to it without a child in the forefront singing along.

Letting it go is what I have had to learn the past few weeks with adding a third boy in the mix. Things have been crazy and chaotic. Though apparently on the outside I must not be showing it, seeing the past two Sundays at church a few people have commented on how I am well put together and so calm lugging three boys along. Let’s make this clear now…


In fact the moments that this has been said, the boys are usually on the church floor fighting in a corner somewhere, or on their worse days in the middle of the floor with a sea of members walking around them commenting on how cute they are.

Them being “cute” is how they have survived this far… And even then it’s not enough pay.

Even Eli who has only been here for 6 weeks, has coughed and choked upon hearing the compliments. Granted he was nursing and may have swallowed wrong… But who cares about the details?

I am far from having things together…


See that there… That’s not having it together that’s called “when I thought my three year old was sleeping, calls me to come look at what he did and having no words upon seeing this hell of a mess other than the many swear words that went through my head along with thinking spankings really aren’t that bad…”


I did eventually let that go. In fact I have found going for two to three even more so with boys, I have to let things go.

From the burps, weird noises, wrestling in public places, farts and excitement over poop… Just letting it all go.

The biggest test this week… Eli going to a sitter.

Six weeks have past since this child has exited me.. and now working he will have to be with a sitter for a few hours during the week.

Now granted I am blessed to not have to let him go full time… But his first day yesterday with my crying you would have thought so.

Eli’s day:

Headed out the car to head to sitters- I cried

Car ride to sitters – I cried, and explained to him I love him… As he slept and had no idea what the fuss was about

Get to the sitter- I didn’t cry… But explained everything in his back pack as if for some reason she couldn’t figure out what extra outfits, diapers and paci’s were. She thank god was patient.

Drive to work: yup you guessed it I cried more.

Yet guess what:

He survived, I survived

So I may have been a bit dramatic.

You would think as him being the third I would be fine, yet I wasn’t. Days leading up to his first day I had conversations with friends about the disservice, I thought I was doing to him. That I had stayed home with Cadden and Lyam for three years and some how I felt like I wasn’t good enough as a mom leaving him with someone else.

Yet the great thing about friends… They are there to reassure you, even when you doubt yourself.

So from here on out … No more crying on the way to the sitter.

Letting it go….

Though I can’t let it all go in the end … Because I still need a reason for wine in the evening


Catbird baby Pikkolo- Everyone loves a giveaway!

I have to admit I may have adult ADD which has resulted in a Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier to sit on my bookshelf for a good two months. I thought the box has made a great decoration to our home. Yet my husband disagrees and has said it needs to go, like now.

Well I first bought my Pilkkolo online, at this point I had an ergo but wanted another carrier. Well it came i the mail and it instantly became my hiking and dog park carrier because of the back strap cross support in the back when I would carry Lyam on my front.


Some specifics”

Recommended weight – 8 to 40 pounds

The Pikkolo is based on Mei Tai style Carriers.

Carrier includes a hood, chest strap and instructions.  There is an optional Support waist belt, I never used one with mine.

100% Cotton

You can do a Front carry ( Never tested it out here. Says that front carry is ergonomic, yet I have doubts about that), Hip Carry ( I loved the hip carry with this carrier better than with any other soft structure carrier), and Back Carry.

The fabric felt great! No having to breaking in!

My favorite feature No falling down pants. What do my pants have to do with a carrier? I am not the only one who has put a carrier on and once you start walking your pants start to fall down? Well the fact that there is no supportive belt and you have a fabric only like waistband your pants will never fall! Its like Magic. Though you can buy a supportive waist band, and it is suggested for children over 20 pounds. I never felt like I needed one.

Though this carrier did not go knee to knee fabric wise with my oldest who is two. It was surprisingly comfy and the fabric came pretty close to his knees. Though Fabric to knee is not required, it can make carrying bigger kids more comfortable.

Things I would like to change.

Storage. There is no storage compartments for anything on the Pikkolo. So this carrier would not be an all day around town carrier for me. So though I used it for hiking. I could not go hiking all day with it.

Thought the memory padded straps are great. They tend to be bulky for putting it in the diaper bag. Yet though I am pretty sure you can have one or the other and not everything.

If you are petite … this may not be the carrier for you. The straps are wide and may “overwhelm” you.

The webbing while strong, was too hard to pull through to tighten the carrier. At some points I would have to take the carrier off to tighten it. Yet mt Carrier is an older version. So this may have changed.

Due to the pikkolo not having a supportive belt automatically. My husband found it confusing. Yet all husbands are different.

Over all the Pikkolo is pretty great. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars

My toddler in the Pikkolo
My toddler in the Pikkolo

Now enough of my rambling on. Would you like a chance to win a Pikkolo? Thanks to Catbird Baby you can!! Just enter below!

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We are Part of That 15 Percent

We are Part of That 15 Percent

I came across this blog last night when just mindlessly surfing around like I do every night. My first thoughts were this is pretty cool as I looked at the different beautiful families pictured on it. So I submitted my families picture.

Yet my find of this in a way is kind of funny. I found it on the same day that when at the beach with my family and some friends a little girl came up to me and asked a question that I in no way was expecting. She came up and asked ” Is your husband white?” I couldn’t believe what I heard and had to ask her again. She repeated the same question. Now I don’t know if she asked what she did because she was a child and didn’t know how to word her question ( soon after she went over to play with our dog)m or if she asked based on things she has heard at home. Either way it left a some what ill taste in my mouth. It reminds me of a time when Cadden was younger and my husband and I came up to see what color Cadden was a complete stranger ( she was very vocal about how curious she was). She than sat and shared with us about how her friend was married to an African guy and how their kids were all the same color. I am pretty sure that was her way of trying to somehow bond with us. Though it wasn’t bonding and if you are reading this and run into me do not hold me up for 15 mins talking about the color of your friends kids….I don’t care.

The blog was started after General Mills came out with a commercial the featured a mixed race family. Nothing was wrong with the commercial, just with the minds of some people who watched the commercial. This commercial created a stir and the comments that came from it were shocking and disappointing. Though I was very happy with the commercial… Its nice to see families you can relate to on T.V. \

Part of a multiracial family? Submit your picture to the We Are the 15 Percent blog. We did!

Fathers Day

Fathers day.. The day we all stop and give thanks for the fathers in our lives. No matter how whacky, crazy or downright mad they are we are thankful for them.

I did not grow up with a stable relationship with the should have been father figure in my life. Which in all reality may have been for the best. Yet my boys have a pretty awesome dad. He is a little rough in some areas but he if I may say so myself is pretty great. Chad since I met him has been a great dad. Yes in order for that to happen he has kids … well more boys from a previous marriage. Ty and Dill are pretty awesome boys and when I saw his interaction with them I knew when we found out we were pregnant with Cadden he would be a great dad. He has been at every doctors appointment or midwife appoint with both Cadden and Lyam. Along with “catching” Lyam at his birth (which to this day he thinks every dad should do! Great bonding moment).

So today my “hat” is off to him.

<<<< If you look at his shirt here it tells you he thinks he is a pretty awesome dad too. (conceited much?)


A dad is more than someone who has given sperm to create a child, a precious living life ( even though when that precious living life is drawing on your wall you forget how precious they are at the moment).  He is someone who guides and leads the way for child. He is the one that teaches life lessons as in when you pull his finger you may not like what comes out the other end.   To be honest to your fellow brother or sister in life. Don’t lie it will come back to bite you in the you know what. Love your family. Treat women with respect.

I am lucky to have someone who loves to cook (as I don’t hate it but I don’t like it either). So not only to I end up with a full tummy but a sons who will grow up knowing that there is no such chore in a house that belongs to any gender. Cadden is indeed learning this as he even cleans besides Dad.


Though he may think my babywearing and cloth diapering habits are nuts he deeps his feet into my world every so often.

chad2 chad

And after a long day of playing and laughter you can always find him on the “Daddy” chair all worn out

I hope today you wished the father in your life a happy Fathers Day.

Chad from Cadden, Lyam, the cats, dog and I HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!